Everything You Should Know About Steam Cleaning

Every day, our carpets can be damaged by the effects of molds, allergens, bacteria, liquids, foods, dust, dirt and a lot more. Most people will find out that common house cleaning solutions are not enough, and people will need to use special methods either offered by professional services, or not. As a result, lots of homeowners will ask themselves what methods to use whenever it comes to clean their own carpet and will wonder why they should use steam cleaning methods, rather than any others else. To choose what is your best answer to this question, you have to know more about all the different methods usually used in carpet cleaning process. This site Stanely Steemers Coupons has great coupons for the Stanley Steemers method.

Some of the 2 most used methods are based on water extraction and steam cleaning. There are also many others solutions that people do choose when they need to clean their carpets. It is better to understand more about such methods before answering the following “Why use steam cleaning to clean carpets ?”. Check here phoenix carpet cleaning to know more about Phoenix carpet cleaning services, while here local carpet cleaning, you will get great coupons for local carpet cleaning.

– First, let’s talk about dry cleaning based on foam. It involves applying some special foam, that are based on specific cleaning ingredients, over the carpet using some rotational brush. Once this process has been done, the extraction of that foam (with the dirt) is done using a vacuum cleaner. The main advantage is that the drying time is very little and so is the humidity level. But you should know that the rotary brush can damage fibers.

– Dry cleaning method that involves granules to be absorbed is the driest method around. Small granules having detergents in their composition are used in this method. With this method, you don’t need to dry once the dirt and granules are gone. But any bacteria or mold part of your carpets are not destroyed with this solution.

– Then we have the cleaning method involving water extraction with hot water and a special carpet shampoo. Water and shampoo are spread all over the carpet, then after a while everything is extracted using some steam vacuum. Unless the 2 previous methods talked about, this one is far more efficient, but the drying time can be close to 8 hours and you can expect foam traces to be left on the carpet.

– When it comes to answer a question like “why use steam cleaning to clean carpets?”, you should be aware that this solution will indeed remove all bacteria and impurities with the help of steam. That’s a reason why this method won’t use any chemicals or drying process. The only disadvantage of this cleaning method is the fact that difficult stains might require other solutions.