4 Pests That Cause Significant Damage To Your Home And Their Remedies

Among other things which disrupt our day-to-day lives, pests are one of the most recurrent and disturbing causes. Pests in the home can feel unhygienic and disgusting, which is why getting rid of them is very important. 

The horrors of having pests in the house are not only limited to the unhygienic and disgusting factor; they can actually damage our homes. Therefore, it becomes very important for homeowners to keep an eye on even the slightest damage noticed by pests so that actions can be taken immediately. 

You should also know which pests can cause more damage to your home so that effective actions can be taken towards them. In this blog, we will learn about four types of pests that are dangerous for your abode and how to control and get rid of them. Let’s dive in. 


Termites are one of the nastiest pests that are very harmful to the property. An estimated $5 million are spent by Americans every year over termite infestation. Moreover, household owners pay around $4000 while repairing the damages caused by these destructive insects. 

How do termites do such damages? Termites eat the wood and make tunnels in them. The constant eating of the wood gradually weakens it, and it breaks down. 

Termite tunnels have certain shapes which are quite recognizable, and if you notice any, make sure to take precautionary measures immediately. If the termites go on eating the woods, it might lead to structural damage to your property as well. 

Carpenter Ants 

Like termites, carpenter ants too can damage your home. Although these ants don’t eat the wood, they make holes to form pathways inside the woods and make nests. 

Excessive burrow holes in the woods will ultimately damage your property, and a significant loss is imminent for you. Apart from destroying woods, ants destroy our food items a lot. You can’t keep anything outside or uncovered as ants tend to eat up everything. 

Bed Bugs 

This is another type of termite that causes great loss. Bed bugs eat mattresses, headboards and other furniture, linens, and a lot of other stuff around our homes. What is more complicated is that getting rid of bed bugs is not easy. They can last up to a year without eating. 

Hence, your home remedies may not work on them. Getting rid of bed bugs might require a thorough pest examination, and Pinnacle pest is a center of pest examination that you can rely on.  A test by professionals will help get rid of them permanently and relieve you of the damage of bed bugs. 

Powerpost Beetles 

Powerpost beetles are actually many species of wood-eating beetles. Powerpost beetles make tiny round holes in the wood and damage it. These tiny creatures can eat all types of wood, but raw, unpainted ones are their favorite. It is found that powerpost beetles are one of the highly damaging pests which cause significant damage to your wooden furniture and structures. 

Remedies to get rid of pest damage 

 As pest damage can go beyond your control at times, it is not great to leave them untreated. Below are a few remedies that you can follow to cure these pest damages and stop at an early stage. 

Essential oils 

Essential oils like lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, clove, or peppermint oil are great remedies to stop pest damage. All you’ve to do is mix any one of these oils with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture in wooden furniture and lines, and it will keep the bugs away.  

Soap water 

Another effective remedy to get rid of pests is soap water. Like the essential oils, keep the soap water mixture in a bottle and spray it around the corners of your house. 

Regular mopping 

Mop your home regularly using antibacterial liquid. Pests cannot stand the smell of these antibacterial liquids; hence, they won’t stay in your home for longer. Make sure you rub your furniture’s legs with this antibacterial liquid, as pests tend to eat them a lot. 

Keep your home dry 

Pests love damp areas, which is why it is crucial to keep your home as dry as possible. Make sure you rub your household stuff with a dry clean cloth regularly to avoid any dampness. Additionally, ensure that your kitchen is always dry. Clean water spillage or any liquid substance immediately to avoid ants. 

Call professional help 

If you think that the termite or other pest damage has gone out of your control and home remedies are not showing any results, call for professional help. Professional pest control teams come with all necessary equipment and disinfectants, which will surely take those pests out of your home. 

Professionals will also do a test before trying any medications. They will first check the type of pest and the level of damage it has caused to proceed further with the treatment. 


As you have seen, termites, bugs, ants, and other types of pests are a great problem for your home and its belongings. Moreover, pests can also harm your health; hence it’s better to get rid of them at the earliest. Follow the above-mentioned remedies to say goodbye to the pest damage and keep your happy abode bug-free!