PHOTOJOURNAL / HYPEMUCH x ‘LIVE NIKE’ Winter 2012 Preview Housewarming Party

NIKE SPORTSWEAR / 'LIVE NIKE' Winter 2012 Media Preview Housewarming Party

So… Nike recently flew HYPEMUCH up to Sydney for the preview of their Sportswear devisions ‘LIVE NIKE’ Winter 12 Range. But instead of simply showcasing the range in a nicely done up room like last year, they went all out by running with the theme of ‘LIVE NIKE’ and hiring out an amazing cliff side beach house/mansion, completely filling it with the new range, art installations, a giant shoe box, and even faux bedrooms and locker room to help show off the new collection in a natural and dynamic way.

To top it all off, Nike threw a massive ‘housewarming’ party in celebration, and this allowed party-goers a look at the new collection scattered through out the ‘LIVE NIKE’ house as they mingled and downed the free alcohol and food.

oh… and all guests were also chauffeured to and from the party in brand new 2012 Porsche Panamera’s. Not bad.

Check out the new range and party below.


Photography by Pete de Bruyn