OIL PAINTINGS / Graffitied Van Series by Kevin Cyr

OIL AND SILKSCREEN PAINTINGS / Graffitied Van Series by Kevin Cyr

A series of oil and silkscreen paintings by New York artist Kevin Cyr. The works are based on the graffitied Vandura, Chevy, and Econoline Chateau vans Kevin has documented while living in Brooklyn.

“In a culture in which people are easily lured by the appeal of status-enhancing symbols, I find beauty in derelict cars and unkempt landscapes. I have always been interested in painting vehicles and scenes that have defined the evolution of the American landscape.”

- Kevin Cyr

“I commemorate commercial vehicles inundated with graffiti and rust, working vehicles, and well-traveled recreational vehicles. I find that there is so much character in old delivery trucks and vans — especially when covered with graffiti — and in the old RVs parked off a main road. Removing them from their everyday context gives them portrait-like importance. I paint with devoted attention to every imperfection and sign of age.”

“Painting and drawing these objects gives me a chance to document a time and place, and to make still a part of the ever-changing environment.”


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