The Maestro by Adam Anthony

On unkind city streets an off-key derelict liberates a device empowering him to create a symphony out of the world around him. When the orchestra becomes as big as the city itself, will The Maestro still be able to control his world of sound?

“The Maestro is a short film Directed by Adam Anthony for tropfest, it made the final 16. I was fortunate enough to be asked by Adam to shoot his film and I am very thankful I got to help him get his vision to the screen. In the film we use a combination of time lapse and real time to tell The Maestros story.

This was all shot with available light (except for 2-3 green screen shots at the end) in and around Sydney Australia. For the most part the maestro was shot in real time on location then removed to do the time lapse pass. The only time lapse sequence we shot him on green screen for was the amusement park towards the end of the film.” - Tony Gardiner


Director: Adam Anthony
Compositor: Edward Copestick
Cinematographer: Tony Gardiner
Colourist: Trish Cahill

Camera: 5d MKII
Lens Package: all L series 24mm t1.4, 50mm t1.2,
16-35mm t2.8, 24-70mm t2.8, 70-200mm t2.8
ISO range: 1600-3200